September 12, 2015


September Birthstone

  • September Birthstone. Sapphire. Sapphire, the September birthstone, has been popular since the Middle Ages and, according to folklore, will protect your loved ones from envy and harm. Medieval clergy wore sapphires to symbolize heaven, while commoners thought the gem attracted heavenly blessings.
  • April 11, 2015


    Stacking Bracelets is the "IN" look!

    Stacy from Allentown PA thank you for shopping with Posh. Stacking bracelets is so smart. You made two great choices .....purchasing our John Hardy 18K SS Wheat Bracelet and our David Yurman Black Onyx Figaro Bracelet black silver. You have great taste and these two will stack and wear beautifully together, You were a joy to work with and We hope you will come back soon!

    Posh Designer Jewelry Visit us at

    Preowned Designer Jewelry, John Hardy, Tiffany & Co., David Yurman, Konstantino ....AnD MoRe

    April 02, 2015


    The Secret Jewelry Stores Don't Want You to Know

    Why don't jewelry stores want you to know how to make your used jewelry look like new. Simple!

    They wouldn't sell you something new.

    We sell a lot of Tiffany, David Yurman, Konstantio and John Hardy sterling silver jewelry at Posh Designer Jewelry, and the most frequent question we get is how to make it look like new again. Its really pretty simple yet the results are amazing. 


    Tiffany & Co. Oval Keys Pendant and Necklace Example

    To demonstrate how easy this is, here is a preowned Tiffany & Co. necklace recently purchased at a estate sale. The pendant sold for quite a bargain. It was badly tarnished and the auctioneer was unaware or uninterested in taking the time to clean it up. After examining it closely and finding no deep scratches, we decided to purchase it.

    A Badly Tarnished Tiffany & Co. Oval Key Necklace Before PolishingTiffany Preowned Necklace

    Step 1 Remove Grit and Grime

    Make a small batch of household ammonia and hot water. Use about a cup of hot water and a tablespoon of ammonia. Soak the sterling silver piece the solution for about 10 minutes. This removes all the dirt and grime that has built up over time. After soaking blot it dry with a paper towel or cotton cloth. This works with any designer brand jewelry. 

    Step 2 Polish Polish Polish!

    This is where the real magic happens. We use Wright's silver cream polish. We have tried a lot of other products, but none seem to perform as well as this one. You can get this at most grocery stores, Walmart, or online. It comes with a sponge applicator. Apply a little polish to the applicator and start rubbing it all over the piece you want to polish. Take your time and really polish the piece thoroughly.  If the sponge applicator becomes black and dirty your can rinse it out and squeeze it dry. Some pieces I may spend 10 min or more polishing over and over.

    Step 3 Rinse

    Give the bracelet, necklace, or earrings a good rinse under hot water to remove any polishing compound residue. Then mix up a fresh batch of ammonia and hot water. Again, let the piece soak for a few min. Now you are pretty much finished. Remove the jewelry from the soaking solution and blot it dry.

    10 Minutes of Polishing This Tiffany & Co. Necklace

    Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Keys Oval Key Pendant

    Final Steps!

    If you have a silver polishing cloth you can optionally buff the piece with this for even more shine, although I honestly don't think this step is necessary.

    The results of this process will be astounding on your used jewelry especially if hasn't been polished recently. This process is good for any of the major designer brands Tiffany& Co., John Hardy, David Yurman. 

    Before and After... What a difference!

    Tiffany Key Necklace 

    Let us know if you use this process and how it works for you!
    February 06, 2015


    Advice to All Men, From All Women!

    Gentlemen, let me give you some insight into the mind of a woman. We love when you think of us and buy us gifts! Flowers are beautiful, but they only last a few days, teddy bears are cute, but we’d rather cuddle with you and chocolates are a nice, instant gratification but we are definitely, no doubt going to feel guilty after eating them all… in one sitting. Now don't get me wrong! All of those gifts are wonderful expressions from the heart and as I always say, it truly is the thought that counts! But, I'd like to help you find a gift that last longer than a few days, won't get throw in a closet and doesn’t account for 95% of our daily caloric intake.

    I’m talking about a timeless piece of designer jewelry that doesn’t have to break the bank. Like most women, some of my favorite pieces of jewelry are classic heart shaped necklaces and earrings that Zander has given me at different milestones in our relationship. Each holds a special memory and reminds me of his love. See our heart collection

    We have several classic sterling silver pieces in our Tiffany collection. Yes, that's Tiffany, have you heard of them? I'm sure your lady has, she can pick it out 300 yards down the fairway.  The beauty of Tiffany is she can wear it with anything, dressy or not. Plus, there is nothing better than seeing the jaw-dropping look on her face when she initially sees that you have picked Tiffany for her. Just the Tiffany box or bag will make her knees weak, wait till she sees what is inside. Here are a couple of my favorites.

    Are you looking for something with a little more of the ‘WOW!’ factor? Well then, you need to check out our John Hardy collection. John Hardy is known for his unique ability to mix gold and sterling silver in intricately detailed designs. His designs always compliment are an added statement to any hot lady!  Here are a few of my favorites from John Hardy.

    Ok, So lets say you want to give her the Porsche. Check out Konstantino. You cant go wrong here, period!

    Order your Valentine a gift she will never forget and enjoy complementary shipping on all orders. Good luck guys and as always, I’m only an email or phone call (888) 371-2123 away for some personalized advice.

    Thanks for stopping by and best wishes,


    January 31, 2015


    Jewelry Cleaning

    Even if you didn't purchase your jewelry from Posh Designer Jewelry we are here to help. We understand the art of how to professionally polish a piece of jewelry to make it look like new and would be happy to share our experience. We have some great tips on excellent products and we won't keep them to ourselves. Keeping your beautiful pieces in tip top condition is necessary and can be dreaded at the same time. Believe it or not just a couple inexpensive cleaning tools will work for all your sterling silver and gold pieces. You don't have to be afraid to clean your jewelry pieces for your big event! Most of all .... it really is pretty simple and you will feel very accomplished. It's kind of like making a beautiful appetizer or dessert and bringing it to a fancy dinner party. Everyone wants to know who made it. It's all kudos to you lady! 

    Better yet ladies,  if you can talk your man into the job it can be a win/win for both of you. My husband cleans all my jewelry before I wear it. He knows it helps me to be more relaxed prior to a big events and we share the reward of a great evening ahead. Honestly, it's right up there with flowers for me!

    We will be adding more on this subject to our blog soon. Check back and sign up for our newsletter and we will send our jewelry secrets to you.