January 31, 2015


Jewelry Cleaning

Even if you didn't purchase your jewelry from Posh Designer Jewelry we are here to help. We understand the art of how to professionally polish a piece of jewelry to make it look like new and would be happy to share our experience. We have some great tips on excellent products and we won't keep them to ourselves. Keeping your beautiful pieces in tip top condition is necessary and can be dreaded at the same time. Believe it or not just a couple inexpensive cleaning tools will work for all your sterling silver and gold pieces. You don't have to be afraid to clean your jewelry pieces for your big event! Most of all .... it really is pretty simple and you will feel very accomplished. It's kind of like making a beautiful appetizer or dessert and bringing it to a fancy dinner party. Everyone wants to know who made it. It's all kudos to you lady! 

Better yet ladies,  if you can talk your man into the job it can be a win/win for both of you. My husband cleans all my jewelry before I wear it. He knows it helps me to be more relaxed prior to a big events and we share the reward of a great evening ahead. Honestly, it's right up there with flowers for me!

We will be adding more on this subject to our blog soon. Check back and sign up for our newsletter and we will send our jewelry secrets to you.

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