Description of Condition

Our 5 Star Rating System Works like this: 

5 Stars -        
Item has not been used (or has only been used once or twice) and shows no visible flaws or visible signs of use. If you're looking for perfection, this is the category for you!  

4 1/2 Stars - 
Item is like new but may have been worn a few times. Item may have very slight discernible flaws but not obvious or significant enough to affect the overall condition of the item. If you love designer brands and don't mind minor flaws that your friends will never notice, you'll want to see these items! 

4 Stars -       
Item has been worn multiple times with more discernible flaws.  Item shows slight signs of wear like minor scuffs or minor scratches that visibly affects the overall condition of the item. If you love 5th Avenue fashion, but don't necessarily have the budget for new items, the 4 star items are perfect for you! 

3 1/2 Stars - 
Item was regularly worn showing more significant signs of wear including more significant scuffs and scratches. Many of our customers find the best deals in this category!

3 Stars -       
You wont find items on Posh in this category. We choose to sell items of 4 and 5 star condition with the occasional 3 1/2 star item